Environment & Quality

Environmental policy

We follow the guidelines of ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

The products we create at Eriksson Byggab have longevity. It is important for us to take explicit responsibility for what we produce, and therefore a long-term overall approach is the basis in our work.

In our business we always use natural and quality-tested sustainable materials as much as possible. The materials can later be recycled, reused or broken down to become a part of the natural environmental cycle.

Everyone in our Company takes personal environmental responsibility for the acts and decisions, big or small, for a continuous environmental improvement. All company employees participate in required environmental responsibility training in order to implement the skills in practice.

The knowledge and commitment of our employees are our most important assets when we want to succeed in our efforts to contribute to a better environment.

The goals of our business include:

  • At the tender stage to review critically the specifications on basis of environmental issues and, when possible, to offer solutions and materials that are environmentally more sustainable than those suggested in prescribed operations.
  • Together with our customers, to complete solutions and propose environmentally friendly and energy saving materials while promoting good indoor environment and safeguarding aesthetic values.
  • To develop solutions based on environmentally sound technologies and resource management together with our consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Always try to minimize energy consumption, make efficient use of transport and machinery with good planning of the daily work. The materials we use are chosen carefully, and we try to reduce consumption continuously.
  • To recycle, and to the most possible extent to reuse recycled materials and packaging.
  • To choose primarily energy efficient and environmentally sustainable machinery, if possible within the scope of work.
  • To study, evaluate and question the purchased materials and their impact on nature and environmental cycle.
  • To strive to provide environmentally sustainable products in all our services.


Working environment policy at Byggab

Within our company we conduct operations that may include health and safety risks. Therefore, we must monitor our working environment and minimize these risks. We must also comply with the laws, regulations, standards and other business requirements, as required by national and international rules and regulations.

A good working environment means that all risks for accidents, musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are reduced. Safety at work creates security for the daily operations.

A good working environment is not only about a risk-free work zone. The employees must also feel comfortable and be willing to develop themselves at work. An open attitude and discussions with all employees are prerequisites for this. The company alone cannot create a good working environment. All employees also need to show personal responsibility for health and environment in their daily work.

Therefore, apart from complying with regulations, instructions and procedures, it is everybody's responsibility to be aware of and immediately report any potential risks and hazards to a good working environment.

Reduced absence from work and increased job satisfaction provide a better economy in our company, and strengthen our competitiveness in the future.



We work according to the guidelines of our ISO 9001 certification.

Quality and positive thinking are our leading guidelines at Eriksson Byggab. We deliver products with flawless quality for the right price, so that our customers can be satisfied and feel that the product meets their long-term, as well as short-term demands. Quality thinking is always at present throughout all operations, and it guidelines our employees at and for Byggab.

Responsibility for quality in both personal contacts and in construction work requires everyone to contribute with expertise, both individually and in group. Customer satisfaction creates the best credits and references for continued operations. To achieve this, we work with continuous improvement and in close, open and sensitive co-operation with our customers.

Our goal is to get in as early as possible in the process and also to remain afterwards and follow up every project we implement.

Our staff consists of both young and old co-workers. Many years of experience combined with the latest knowledge in building and construction work is a guarantee of a well-executed task. We have a dedicated staff who takes personal responsibility and is involved in every task.

Customer satisfaction is the best measure of our quality.

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