About us

Eriksson Byggab was founded in 2000 by Bengt Eriksson and Örjan Eriksson. The Company's annual turnover is 10-15 million Euro. The current number of employees is 25, and there is a dozen subcontractors on annual basis.

The Company executes mainly water, civil engineering and building construction projects in Åland with surroundings.

We focus on high service and quality level in all commitments performed by our motivated and competent team.

Our goal is to implement project management and to construct a complete product according to the time and quality requirements based on our customers' needs and demands.

We have a complete project management department (www.mik.ax) that handles all types of documents and applications during the construction process. We offer a profound experience in hydro and civil engineering with capacity to undertake turnkey projects at an early stage.

Hamngatan 8A, 22 100 Mariehamn
+358 (0)18 19 078, info@byggab.ax